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Surface coating plays a vital role in improvement of life and performance of surface. There are numerous methods used for coating of surface starting with basic painting of surface to PVFD and other high end coatings depending on type of surface and application.


Electroplating is one of the oldest methods of coating the surfaces using electro-mechanical devices and as origin can be traced back to early 19th Century. Electroplating is the process of coating of one metal on another by using electrical charge to change the chemical state of surface to start the coatings. Though electroplating for long time was mainly used for coating of metals, advancement in processes and technology over the years have made it possible to use the electroplating on wide range of materials. Technological developments have enabled use of electroplating processes in several end-use applications, including decorative purposes, corrosion protection, engineering applications and electrical applications. It is estimated that electroplating industry may now worth above Rs. 2000 crores (Rs. 20,000 million) in year.

Technological Developments

Technology used in electroplating has seen total change owing to various factors such as power consumption, environmental constraints and necessity to quote the material surfaces other than metals that are to be coated. With great pressure on power consumptions and better process, the manufacturers of electroplating equipments and users are always on look out for new and better processes and technology.

Make In India

The Prime Minister's vision of 'Make in India' and on indigenization is creating new opportunities for MSMEs and the MSMEs could acquire a higher market share and reap the benefits of the growth in this sector. TCEE will try to attract International players from world over to enter into joint ventures with Indian partners for investing in the manufacturing base.



Today South India is considered as major manufacturing hub with presence of all industries sectors. The major industries present in South India are Automobile, Space, Heavy Engineering, Chemical and Petro-Chemical, Sugar, Steel and large number of space and defence establishments.

Tamil Nadu has been at the forefront of Engineering and Manufacturing with large number of companies having established their units here. With a push from Tamil Nadu Government Automobile companies started manufacturing in Tamil Nadu way back in late 1995 - 96 and today is one of the top sectors for state. Over the years, large numbers of automobile and auto components manufacturing plants have been established earning Tamil Nadu the sobriquet as "Detroit of India" with Chennai and surrounding areas becoming one of the Top 10 Global Automobile Manufacturing Centres. Tamil Nadu has the largest auto components industry base and accounts for 35% of India's auto components production (US$ 6.2 billion). The industry, over the years, developed the capability of manufacturing all the components required for manufacturing vehicles, which is evident from the high levels of indigenization achieved in the vehicle industry as well as the components developed for the completely Indian made vehicles. Three Chennai based industrial groups make more than 22% of India's auto components production.

To meet the demand of the growing Automobile and other industries, the electroplating industry had also grown and as of now there are about 400 registered electroplating units in Tamil Nadu located across the state. These units are mainly operating in small scale sector and 90% of them are carrying out zinc, nickel and chromium plating. The units continue to use cyanide and chromium (VI) based plating.

With this background, CII southern region is organising a 2-Day Technology Conference on Electroplating with a theme of "Current Trends & Challenges" where the latest technology, trends and developments in Electroplating Industry will be discussed with few case study presentations and a panel discussion on way forward by key industry persons.

The focus of the conference shall be on following.
  • Industry Scenario - Future Growth of Electroplating Industry
  • Technology for newer surface and applications
  • Advance Coatings for high performance applications
  • Automobile Industry - The new challenges for Electroplaters
  • Competitiveness for Global Playing
  • Skill Development
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Safety and Environment Issues
  • Government Regulations



Exhibitor Profile

Pretreatment, Manufacturers & Suppliers of : Chemicals & Raw Materilas, Plants & Equipments, Metals, Coating & Electrodes, Lacquers & Solvents, Job Shop Platters, Heaters, Baskets, PH Meters & Other Allied Products used in Electroplating Industry

Focused Industry

Automobile, Defense, Electrical & Electronics, Engineering, Fasteners, Hardware, Space, Manufacturing, Nuclear, PowerPlant, Others.

Visitor Profile

Surface Finishing, Electroplating, Coating Processing Enterprises, Automobile & Accessories, Cutlery, Electrical, Electronics, Fasteners, Hardware, Jewellery, Plastics, Aluminium Finishing, Nuclear, Space, Paints, Coatings or any other industry connected to Surface Finishing, In design, Purchase, Production, Quality Assurance, Marketing, Effluent Treatment or Process Control and Other Personnel from R & D Department, Purchasing Department, Production Department in Manufacturing Enterprises; Experts from Surface Finishing Industry; Surface Engineering Universities and Researchers.


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